What Can Happen If I Don’t Regularly Wash My Feet?

What Can Happen If I Don’t Regularly Wash My Feet?

Everybody knows the importance of having good personal hygiene. Whether it’s washing your hair or brushing your teeth, our daily hygiene habits play a critical role in maintaining our health and well-being. One habit that many people ignore is washing their feet on a consistent basis. Although it might not seem that important, washing your feet periodically is critical for maintaining proper foot health. If your foot health is becoming an issue, contact our podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Muroff.

Why washing your feet is important:

Our shoes and socks are constantly constraining our feet throughout the day. Shoes and socks also create a warm, moist environment which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to begin to flourish. This bacteria can lead to future health issues for your feet. The effects of these issues can range from slightly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Some of these conditions can be difficult to treat once they develop.

If you continue to neglect your feet, they will become more prone to the following:



Fungal infections

Bacterial infections

Viral infections

Our podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, can treat many of these foot conditions and have you feeling completely recovered.

How to keep washing your feet:

Because of these issues, you should introduce feet washing into your daily hygiene routines. When you bathe, you should thoroughly wash your feet with warm, soapy water. Be sure to clean the hard to reach places, such as in between your toes. Doing this will keep your feet clean and reduce your chances of developing bacteria. While washing your feet, you should also avoid soaking them in warm water for too long.

After washing your feet, it is imperative that they are completely dry before you put on any socks and shoes. Excess moisture left on your feet will create more foot bacteria, which could make your feet more prone to infections. Drying your feet will also help prevent dry, cracked feet and calluses. You should also practice good foot hygiene outside of the shower. For example, you should avoid keeping your feet in moist, bacteria-filled environments as much as possible.

Overall, washing your feet on a regular basis is important to maintaining healthy feet. Our podiatrist near Centereach recommends that you include washing your feet with your other daily hygiene activities.

Are you looking for more information regarding proper foot hygiene? Contact us today and get your treatment with Dr. Muroff started.

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