What Are The Best Shoes For Icy Weather?

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Part of living on Long Island in the wintertime is dealing with ice and snow. Unfortunately, walking on icy sidewalks is not easy and is often unavoidable. To help you safely navigate wintry weather. Our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma would like to share some advice on what to look for in winter footwear. Continue reading below for Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff’s recommendations for the best shoes for icy weather. 

What Are The Best Shoes For Icy Weather?

Icy floors and walkways pose a serious slip and fall risk. Having a pair of winter shoes designed explicitly for slick surfaces can make a huge difference and protect you against the hazards of the season. Before you pick up your next pair of winter shoes, our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma recommends looking out for these essential features:

  • Traction – One of the most important characteristics of an ice-friendly shoe is a stable and durable rubber outsole with good traction and grip. The tread of your winter boot determines how much grip they will have on icy surfaces. Your shoes should have high treads with deep channels for good grip and stability to keep you from wobbling on icy walkways. 
  • Insulation – Slipping is not the only danger of walking in icy weather. Keeping your feet as warm as possible is a vital consideration. Shoes with proper insulation are essential to keep your feet comfortable and warm. 
  • Waterproof – You’ll need to keep your feet dry when walking on ice since dampness in your shoes can result in irritation, infection, and frostbite. Shoes made with leather, neoprene, or rubber offer protection against water. 
  • Comfort – While there are several things to think about when looking for ice-friendly shoes, you should still prioritize support and comfort to avoid pain and injury in your feet. Look for shoes with thick lining for warmth, wide toe boxes to prevent pinching your toes, and comfortable footbeds to provide your feet with stability and shock absorption. 

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Walking on ice can be dangerous, but having the right shoes on your feet can help mitigate potential risks. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff is here to help you manage your foot care needs all winter long. To learn more about the best shoes for winter weather, be sure to contact our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma today!

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