Treatments for Tendonitis

Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons that connect your muscles and bones. This can be concerning due to the fact that tendonitis is not only painful and uncomfortable, but potentially a long-term problem if left untreated. Muroff Podiatry located in Ronkonkoma specializes particularly in the area of achilles tendonitis which involves the inflammation and irritation of the tendons near the back of the lower leg and heel.

While this condition can be inflicted by various causes, tendonitis is more popularly the result of the overuse of of the achilles tendon. Consistent pain is one of the major symptoms in addition to weakness, redness, swollenness, and warmth to the touch targeting the surrounding joints. Achilles tendonitis exhibits pain at the back of the heel or 2 to 4 inches directly above the region.

Self-care to the region immediately is advisable for efficient healing of the tendon. Several easy treatment therapies involve applying ice or heat directly to the area for twenty minutes throughout the course of a day. In addition, doctors can advise non-prescription inflammatory medication to be used for several weeks addressing the inflammation. Above all, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to rest the affected area for an extensive length of time so that your body can begin the natural healing processes.

If you live in the Ronkonkoma area and applying self-care remedies over the course of a few days are not improving your condition, a visit to Dr. Muroff Podiatry is necessary. Dr. Muroff is recognized for his extensive expertise with foot care; treating the individual and not just the pain.

• Symptoms of Achilles pain include:

• Severe pain after exercise

• Swelling

• Pain and stiffness particularly in the morning

• Worsening pain with activity

Podiatric care can help reduce healing time with proper prognosis and care. Your podiatrist can ascertain your condition in order to provide advanced treatments that will help you feel better quicker. Also, when it comes to the achilles tendon, rupture is a possibility that will require medical intervention immediately. Misdiagnosis could cause long-term issues.

Dr. Muroff provides thorough consultation and diagnostic treatment, with intensive focus on the needs of your individual patient care. His Ronkonkoma office offers foot care necessities for temporary splints, joint mobility plans, or local anesthetic injections. While self-care

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