Treatment for Plantar Warts in Ronkonkoma

Although they’re not necessarily dangerous, there’s no doubting that warts can be incredibly bothersome and if left untreated they can become tough to handle. But dealing with plantar warts on your feet is a laborious task that typically requires an evaluation and diagnosis from a podiatrist. Upon diagnosing the degree of your plantar warts condition, your podiatrist will recommend methods of treatment for their eventual removal. Thankfully, your local Ronkonkoma podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Muroff specializes in the treatment of plantar warts and he may be able to assist you with the condition.

Warts can appear in various locations on your skin, but plantar warts typically develop on your feet in the heel area. The initial trigger for allowing warts to materialize is the HPV virus which may enter your feet through small cuts or scrapes. Even though they’re not an ominous health condition, plantar warts can be rather annoying and may require treatment from a podiatrist. If you think you may be dealing with them, look for the following warnings signs:

• Growths on the bottom part of your feet that are either fleshy, rough, or grainy (or all of the above).

• A hardened callus that seems to be covering a distinct “spot” on the skin of your feet.

• Small clotted blood vessels.

• A “spot” that intercedes the normal lines and ridges you find on your feet’s skin

• Discomfort in the bottom part of your feet when you’re standing or walking.

If this has become unbearable then seek immediate treatment.

Once you’ve identified the symptoms and received proper diagnosis from a podiatrist, you can then consider treating the plantar warts condition. Your local Ronkonkoma podiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, will recommend the following tactics for treatment:

Salicylic Acid – One of the primary issues with treating warts is carving through the deep layers of thickness that it progressively develops over time. An outstanding way of carefully treating this complication is by using salicylic acid, which gradually removes the layers of thickness little by little.

Cryotherapy – Also known as “freezing medicine” cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart. Typically done by a podiatrist, this is a common method of healing plantar warts due to its effectiveness. The chemical creates a blister that surrounds your wart, allowing it to then turn into dead tissue. In approximately two weeks, the wart should be able to be removed easily.

Don’t deal with plantar warts yourself, let a trained podiatrist like Dr. Muroff of Ronkonkoma handle them for you! Contact the office and schedule an appointment with our specialists today.

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