Treating An Injured Achilles’ Heel

Your Achilles’ tendon is a part of the body that you use every day. Without it, walking would not come so naturally. It consists of tissue that connects the muscles in the back of your foot and lower leg to your heel bone. Due to the amount you using your Achilles’ heel, an injury is common. An injured Achilles’ heel can result in one of two disorders: Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendinosis. If you’re suffering from tendonitis, it’s likely that you’re suffering from inflammation. This could lead to tears in the heel, which could eventually cause it to rupture completely. Fortunately, there’s a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma that’s eager to help cure your injured Achilles’ heel. Dr. Muroff uses modern podiatric medicine to help relieve pain from your ankle, foot, and/or toe injuries.


While overuse tends to be the main cause of an injured Achilles’ heel, there are other factors that can contribute to your pain. Repetitive activity tends to be the main reason people begin to experience pain. Factors that can lead to this include:

Exercising without warming up or stretching

Playing sports that involve sudden changes in direction

An increased amount of physical activity

Straining your calf muscle

Wearing shoes that don’t fit you

Wearing high heels daily

Bone spurs in the back of your heel



Like any injury, there are a few symptoms to look out for when it comes to your Achilles’ heel. While you could get lucky and not feel anything, you can experience a few different symptoms. You may want to visit a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma if you’re suffering from the following symptoms:

Pain and/or swelling in your heel

Feeling as if you’ve been kicked in the calf

Having trouble bending the foot on the injured leg

Having trouble standing

Hearing a pop or snap when the injury actually occurs

How can a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma help my injured Achilles’ heel?

When it comes to a foot or leg injury, people tend to look for home remedies first. While classic techniques such as resting, applying ice, compression, and elevating the injured body part can help, a doctor might be more beneficial. By visiting a podiatrist like Dr. Muroff, you’ll be getting treatment that is tailored specifically to you. Through an in-depth diagnosis, Dr. Muroff can decide on the best treatment option for you. Before jumping to the thought of surgery, our team will use non-invasive care to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Dr. Jeffrey Muroff is an experienced and trustworthy podiatrist that puts his patients first. By making an appointment with a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma, you’ll not only be in good hands, but you’ll be on track to a pain-free life.

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