Begin Living Life Free of Foot Pain

Beating Tendonitis
Recurring inflammation of your Achilles tendon and the other soft tissues in your foot can be a thing of the past when you trust the experience of Dr. Muroff.

Personable Care
Dr. Muroff maintains a passion for helping patients like you overcome your foot conditions and move onto to living a happy, health lifestyle. Your successful care is always paramount to Dr. Muroff.

Overcoming Fractures

Injuries and fractures are the most common cause of orthopedic foot disability. Together with Dr. Muroff you’ll develop a unique plan designed to allow you to begin a quicker recovery and regain mobility.

Feeling Numbness?

Diabetes and other nerve problems that can affect the foot can have orthopedic implications, resulting in physical damage. Work with Dr. Muroff to develop a proactive plan to prevent injury and loss of mobility.

Easing Bunion Pain

Though chronic and difficult to overcome, you can beat the pain and disability of bunions with a carefully crafted treatment plan at the hands of Dr. Muroff.

Regain Mobility

Orthopedic foot conditions can leave your lifestyle as debilitated as your mobility. Work closely with Jeffrey S Muroff, DPM, and let us get you on the road to recovery.

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