Reasons For Poor Circulation Of The Feet

Do you experience swelling or cramping in your feet or legs? Do your feet often feel ice cold? You may be dealing with poor circulation of the feet and a Ronkonkoma podiatrist can help! Swelling and coldness are just two of the common symptoms associated with poor circulation. Others symptoms include:

• Fatigue or cramping during activity

• Cramping during inactivity

• Achiness

• Tingling

• Poor wound healing or an ulcer on the toe, foot, or leg

• Loss of hair on the legs or slower hair growth on the legs

• Skin of the legs appears shiny or has a change of color

• Weak or no pulse in the legs or feet

• Painful cramping of the hip, thigh, or calf muscles after activity

• Slower toenail growth

• Legs or feet getting colder much more quickly than other parts of the body

There is a reason for such symptoms. Certain behaviors contribute to the poor circulation of the feet. These involve:

• Tobacco smoking

• Lack of regular exercise

• Improper diet

• Sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time

• High blood pressure

• Peripheral artery disease- a condition where distant arteries aren’t able to receive normal blood flow because of narrowing vessels. This causes tingling, numbness, nerve, and tissue damage over time.

• Blood clots- When the body experiences abnormal blood clotting, clots can obstruct blood vessels, leading to pain and discoloration of the legs.

• Diabetes

• Varicose veins

Self-evaluation test

• Are my toes a red, purple, or blue color?

• Do I have unexplained hair loss on my legs and feet?

• Are my feet and hands getting colder much more quickly than other parts of my body?

• Do my feet “fall asleep” easily?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from poor circulation of the feet. Contact a Ronkonkoma podiatrist to receive treatment!

Some things you can do before meeting with a Ronkonkoma podiatrist are:

• Avoid sitting for too long

• Exercise- Keep your body moving and get your heart pumping. Great exercises include walking, biking, running, swimming, hiking, and yoga.

• Wear comfortable shoes- Tight fitting shoes like heels can restrict blood flow

• Quit smoking

• Restrict salt intake- Too much salt in your diet creates water retention and allows for leg swelling. This puts extra pressure on your veins which creates poor circulation.

• Lose weight- Maintaining a healthy body weight allows for your circulatory system to work efficiently.

• Gingko supplements- A herbal medication which opens up blood vessels allowing for better blood circulation.

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