Protecting your feet this summer

As the warm weather approaches, we all receive a sudden urge to kick off our flip flops and soak in the summer sun. Unfortunately, this reaction to summer can be dangerous for our feet. Prior to going outdoors without shoes on this summer, or while wearing strappy sandals, consider the following damage that it may cause and tips to prevent these injuries.

Blisters: When sandals are worn it is common that they rub against our bare skin, creating friction, and potentially causing a blister. If you feel a blister appearing, it is recommended not to pop it. Instead, use padding or a bandage to reduce the area from continuously rubbing against your shoe.

Burns and lacerations: During the summer, our feet are exposed more to the sun’s rays, as well as sharp objects. It is vital to wear sunscreen, especially on parts of your feet that are more exposed. To prevent any type of burn, apply moisturizer and aloe after being in the sun. On the other hand, to avoid cuts and possible infections, wear water shoes to prevent stepping on a sharp rock or shell.

Food odor: Allow your feet to receive air and avoid wearing closed shoes during summer months. While at the same time, it is essential to rotate your shoes and give them a chance to dry out. Furthermore, it is suggested to spray your shoes with aerosol before wearing them again.

Cracked heels: These occur because we place most of our weight on our heels without noticing. Additionally, cracked heels arise when we are not moisturizing enough. To stop your feet from splitting, it is important to keep your feet smooth and lock in the moisture with lotion after showering and before you go to sleep.

Overall, be sure to constantly take care of your feet this summer. Keep in mind that if you prevent any future foot predicaments you will be able to enjoy the summer sun without feeling embarrassed of your feet.

At Muroff Podiatry in Ronkonkoma, our staff is available to offer you experienced and trustworthy podiatry care. As foot care specialists, we will help you get back on your feet this summer! For more information, please contact us at (631) 588-0888. We look forward to hearing from you!

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