Preventing slips and falls this winter season

In the United States alone, falls account for 8 million hospital visits a year, and slips and falls account for 1 million hospital visits a year. These types of incidents are contributed to the winter weather, with ice and snow usually being the main culprits. This winter it is important to take the proper precautions in avoiding an accident and possibly hurting yourself. If you do find yourself suffering from a foot or ankle injury, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, is devoted to treating it and getting you back to full health.

How Can I Avoid Slips

Do you want to know the best way to avoid slipping and falling? Here are some suggestions to make sure you aren’t a victim:

Be aware of your surroundings – avoid any wet and slippery areas if possible. This relates to icy surfaces, wet leaves, and snowy banks. If there are hand railings and objects to support yourself with, use them at all costs and take a slow, steady approach to your destination.

Right footwear – wearing boots with soles that are ridged and waffled soles are a great way to support your balance when walking on uneven surfaces. While it may be inconvenient to switch from boots to work shoes, it can certainly save you a trip to a hospital.

Take action – if it’s snowing heavily outside, make sure to take care of snow surrounding your walkway, driveway or anywhere you usually walk. Throwing salt on ice also reduces the risk of a possible slip and fall accident.

Keep your hands out – while it may be cold out, your hands can act as a balance tool for your body and they also can break the landing of the fall or help reduce the impact of falling.

With winter weather here, ice and snow can definitely hurt you if provisions aren’t taken. Just planning ahead can improve your chances of not getting into a slip and fall accident this year. However, if you end up injuring yourself and hurt your ankles or feet, a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma will be able to help you. That’s why Dr. Jeffrey Muroff has been treating his patients with the best care and will be able to rehabilitate your injury.

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