Can Wearing the Wrong Kind of Snow Boots Affect My Foot Health?

Although snow boots today are considered to be both trendy and stylish, wearing the wrong pair can negatively affect your foot health. Snow boots are normally waterproof and have high sides to help keep out water and snow. They provide warmth, grip, protection, durability, and support. They are commonly used in any snowy conditions, as well as wet, slushy, and muddy conditions. What a lot of people are not aware of is that wearing boots that are ill-fitting, or do not provide your feet with enough support or protect them against cold and wet conditions can effect the health of your foot. A Podiatrist near Shirley can help you assess any issues you may be experiencing with your feet. 


So What Are The Potential Problems?

If your snow boots are not protecting you from the cold, a podiatrist near Shirley will be able to help if problems with your feet develop.  Wearing improper footwear could potentially lead to some of the following ailments:


  • Cracked heels – Dry skin is likely the most common cold-weather foot problem. Calluses and hard skin develop as a result of having dry skin. Do not attempt to sooth the affected area yourself because this could increase your risk of infection. Instead, contact a podiatrist near Shirley to smooth the skin for you.
  • Blisters – Could occur if your snow boots are not the right fit.
  • Athlete’s foot – A fungal infection that occurs in the winter, especially if you wear all-cotton or all-wool socks. 
  • Fractures – The wrong snow boots may have poor traction, causing you to slip on icy and snowy surfaces. Naturally, this can lead to an abundance of physical injuries.


If you spend long periods in the cold, or if you have diabetes, which can compromise circulation to the legs or feet, you may be more at risk of getting frostbite. If your snow boots are causing any type of foot pain, or if your foot pain has occurred for multiple days, visit your podiatrist near Shirley as soon as possible. 


What Can You Do?

When shopping for snow boots, make sure your boots have all of the following:

  • A round and wide toe box – this will give your feet some breathing room.
  • A low heel instead of one that’s completely flat – this will elevate the foot out of water or snow and offer more traction.
  • Height above your ankle – This will provide extra stability. They also make it more difficult for snow or water to enter the boot.
  • A cushioned insole – This will provide support for your heels and arches. 

Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff is a podiatrist near Shirley that can help you with any foot problem that you may have developed. Ask today if your snow boots are to blame at (631) 588-0888 or contact us on our website!

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