Podiatric Care for Tendon/Ligament Damage

With over 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles, it’s common for people to sustain an injury to their foot. Ailments like sprains or strains to these soft tissues may require more than just rest. Sustaining an acute soft-tissue injury or simply overusing the area can prevent you from performing certain activities that are part of your daily routine. That’s why receiving podiatric care is crucial. Here at Jeffrey S. Muroff D.P.M, we will discuss treatment options that will help you recover and resume your daily routine.

Sprains occur when the ligaments that connect the bones in your ankle stretch or tear. The severity of a sprain is determined by what grade it is. A grade one sprain (mild) for example, is when the ligament fibers are damaged. If the ligament has a partial tear, the injury is a grade two sprain (moderate). If the ligament is completely torn, the injury is upgraded to a grade three sprain.

Strains typically affect the tendons in your foot or leg. Similar to a sprain, a strain can occur when your tendon is stretched or torn. Athletes are most at risk for sustaining this type of injury especially in sports that require quick bursts of speed. For both sprains and strains, icing/resting the affected area is an important part of the healing process. The next step may consist of doing exercises to improve mobility and reduce pain.

In addition to resting and exercise, another method that has been proven to treat tendon/ligament damage is immobilization. By immobilizing the area with a cast or boot, the affected area will be given the stability that the injury deprived it of. Before taking this route of treatment, an X-ray or MRI will be ordered to determine the severity of the injury. Through the results of these tests, a treatment plan will be created.

If you are having any foot pain or discomfort and are seeking podiatric care, call Jeffrey S. Muroff D.P.M at (631) 588-0888 and schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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