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What Does It Mean To Have Flat Feet?

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Did you know that the average person will take over 216 million steps in their lifetime?  It seems like everyone is always on the move now, meaning proper foot care is vital for foot health. Dr. Muroff, specializing in Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY, knows just how important having healthy feet is for your overall wellness. Flat feet are one of the many foot-related issues that fall into his area of expertise. By working with Dr. Muroff, he can properly diagnose all of your foot-related issues and provide the best treatment available.  

What Are Flat Feet?

When the arches of your feet do not develop, this leads to a condition known as flat feet.  Some people with this condition will have no symptoms or issues and can carry on with their lives without the need for treatment. For others, however, having flat feet can lead to Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY that require help from a foot doctor. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it may be time to give Dr. Muroff a call:

  • Certain movements, such as standing on your toes, are difficult.
  • Pain in your feet, specifically in your arches or heels.
  • Swelling in the bottom of your feet.
  • Your feet become tired and achy relatively easily.

Causes and Risk Factors For Flat Feet:

Since it takes time for the arches of your feet to develop, it is normal for most children to have flat feet. As they age, arches will begin to form and the issues begin to dissipate.  However, this does not happen with everyone, as some people will continue to suffer from flat feet. Some causes and risk factors that lead to flat feet tend to include the following:

  • Aging.
  • Diabetes.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Having weak arches.
  • Issues with the posterior tibial tendon.
  • Obesity.  
  • Sustaining certain foot or ankle injuries.

Treatment For Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY

Should flat feet be causing you pain and discomfort, Dr. Muroff can work with you to help mitigate this issue. He may teach you a variety of stretches to help manage this unfortunate condition. Any stretches you learn can be done from the comfort of your own home!  He may also give you custom orthotics to place in your shoes. These orthotics will offer the proper support your feet need when moving around. Until the inflammation of your feet decreases, Dr. Muroff may require you to wear an ankle brace for additional support. As a high-quality foot doctor, Dr. Muroff will closely monitor your Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY throughout your treatment and take all the steps necessary to correct your condition.

Though flat feet are a problem for many people, they don’t have to be a daily ailment.  By putting your faith in Dr. Muroff, you can receive the proper care you need to get back on your feet without experiencing pain. If you need to see a foot doctor for Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY, make sure to contact Dr. Muroff today! 

Broken Toes: How Worried Should I Be?

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Maybe it happened when you walked barefoot in the dark through the house. Maybe it was barefoot down the stairwell. It has happened to everyone: We bumped our toes hard. In the first few minutes of blind pain, you might wonder if you broke your toe, but did you? Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, a podiatrist near Centereach, can treat any toe pain or Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY you might be suffering from.

Luckily for most of us, stubbing your toe is not serious- the pain eventually goes away and you feel completely normal within a few hours. If the pain lasts however and you suspect a broken toe, do not be tempted to stick it out and replay on pain medication to get you through.  You may have a broken toe or toe fracture, so immediate medical care for Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY by a podiatrist near Centereach is imperative.

Perhaps the toe bone has been pulled out of the correct position or moved at a wrong angle, and if that is the case, it is important to fix it, even if it is a simple fracture, it may be that your toe does not heal properly, which can cause problems down the road, such as arthritis.

Help Your Toe Heal Properly:

Our podiatrist near Centereach will most likely conduct an x-ray to ascertain if your toe is broken and provide the best treatment plan for Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY. If the fracture is a simple fracture in which the bone parts are properly aligned, your podiatrist will put you in a boot for about three weeks. A boot keeps your toes still so that your bones can be realigned.

If the toe bone is in the wrong position, our podiatrist may adjust the toe area to avoid misalignment and improper healing. If your toe is clearly shifted or your toe is off, you may need bone leveling.

Can I Tape My Toe?

If the fracture is simple and the bones are aligned, taping the toe can relieve pain. However, this does not guarantee proper healing. Because of this, it is important to see a podiatrist near Centereach for Orthopedic Foot Problems in Holbrook NY. If you had a bad fracture, avoiding medical care can cause long-term issues.

The best way to determine whether or not your toe is broken is by putting weight on it. Typically, if you are able to walk on it without any pain or discomfort, it is not broken. If so, try to ice the area and take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. If severe pain and swelling occur, seek the help of a podiatrist.

If there are breaks in the skin, make sure to seek medical attention as a deep cut or wound, can leave make the bone exposed. You may also notice bruising, swelling, or even discomfort. 

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