Nerve pain treatment

Nerve pain is never a joyful experience depending on the location and severity of it can range between mild, moderate where medication helps, or it can be crippling and prevents an individual from performing their daily functions. There are numerous causes of nerve pain in the feet one being diabetic nerve pain and the two most prevalent in diabetic patients is sensory neuropathy and peripheral. At his Ronkonkoma office Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, helps treat patients with diabetic neuropathy in their feet by providing them with several options to alleviate their pain. Some of those options include.

• Custom Orthotics

• Nerve Injections

• Medications (oral/topical)

For patients with diabetic nerve pain, the best orthotic option would be Footstar Orthotics. The way Footstar Orthotics differs from regular orthotics is that they are custom made to fit your foot. When a patient is fitted for Footstar the way they walk and carry themselves is always put into play that way they are getting not only getting the best fit, but also a way to provide relief for the already aggravated nerves.

Another form of treatment for patients with diabetic foot pain would be nerve block injections. These injections would be performed at Dr. Muroff’s Ronkonkoma office, the number of injections a patient receives depends on their severity of their pain. A typical round of treatment would be three injections in each leg, the location of these shots will periodically change. Though these shots are a form of local anesthesia, patients won’t always experience numbness. Afterwards, there are two remaining treatment cycles that last 20 minutes, a patient will have two adhesive pads placed on their legs, those pads have an electrical current to them which will help relax the nerves. To see results a patient will typically need six treatments.

The final form of treatment Dr. Muroff would use for patients with diabetic nerve pain would be medications both oral and topical. Some of those medications might be:

• Anticonvulsants these medications are prescribed to help reduce diabetic neuropathy

• Lidocaine and Mexiletine: the first medication Lidocaine is an adhesive patch that is applied to the area that is causing pain. Mexiletine is an oral medication and has the same effect as lidocaine in which both provide pain relief.

• Over the counter medications.

For patients with diabetic nerve pain in their feet call the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Muroff.

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