National Diabetes Month

How being a diabetic can affect your foot care?

November is known as National Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a long-lasting disease that affects the way your body produces energy through the food consumed. Those who have this disease have difficulty producing enough insulin to absorb the sugar in their bloodstream. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff DPM, a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, brings attention to diabetes to his patient’s and how it can impact their foot care.

Your foot care and diabetes.

Foot complications are actually very common in people who have diabetes. Over time, diabetics can acquire what is called diabetic neuropathy, which essentially is nerve damage that causes tingling and pain in the foot. This nerve damage can progressively make you lose feeling in your feet. Having no sensation in your feet can lead to greater complications. If you were to have a sore or blister on your foot, you would not be able to feel it which can lead to infection.

Diabetes also causes less blood flow to your feet, which leads to less foot sensation. If someone has a blister or sore with minimal blood flow to their feet, it makes it more difficult for that blister or sore to heal properly. This can lead to worse problems such as foot ulcers and gangrene. The risk of obtaining any of these complications increases with age and a longer span of diabetes, so it is important to regularly maintain and manage your health.

What can you do?

Dr. Muroff, a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, as well as his team of specialized podiatrists, stress the importance of prevention and to educate yourself on the effects diabetes can have on your body. We are experienced in all conditions of diabetic foot care and offer a range of treatment options. Some diabetic treatment options our podiatric facility offers include custom orthotics, diabetic shoes, nerve damage care, and foot treatments. Our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, Dr. Muroff, works with patients to create a diabetes self-care plan to help manage their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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