Nail Discoloration? Here is how to prevent it

Everyone knows how important our feet are for living your daily life whether it be walking, running, or simply standing. From your heel to your toe, keeping your feet healthy is key. One particular indicator of poor health is our toe nail color. Yes, people get pedicures to make their nails look nice but inspecting your toenails for discoloration can be key to preventing worsened issues. At the office of Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, a Ronkonkoma Podiatrist, he will examine your toenails in order to properly diagnose and provide a treatment plan best for you.

Colors that patients should be aware of include:





If you notice your toenail is yellow, white, or green this could be indicator that there is infection or another medical problem. Toenail discoloration occurs in about 50% of all skin infections. The two most common skin infections that result in nail discoloration are, Pseudomonas-this kind of bacteria infects the nail bed and results in a greenish color to the nails. The other infection is known as, trichophyton rubrum-this particular infection is more likely to infect the skin. In cases where patients notice a yellow color in their nails this is commonly referred to as “yellow nail syndrome”. This ailment is more an inherited condition and is seen mainly in patients with lymphedema and lung diseases. A Ronkonkoma podiatrist can properly ascertain the root cause of your nail discoloration.

The ways to prevent such serious illnesses from happening examples include:

-Cutting the nails to the length of the toe, if you cut them too short you can cut the skin and cause an infection.

-Avoid wearing tight shoes- shoes that are too tight put pressure on the nail and toe leading to discoloration of the toenail.

-If you frequent gyms, or public pools and use the showers wear shower shoes to prevent infection.

If you notice any kind of nail discoloration please feel free to call Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, a Ronkonkoma Podiatrist, to make your appointment today!

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