Maintaining Healthy Toenails

If you have felt discouraged this past summer with unhealthy toenails, it is time to get that confidence back! When it comes to being healthy, not many think about their toenails. Truth is, the toenails should be treated like other body parts with attention, maintenance, and care. Without toes, we wouldn’t be able to stand! With that, let’s go over how to get those toenails to proper health and enjoy exposed footwear for the remainder of the summer. If you are unable to locate a technique to gain toenail health, contact Dr. Muroff, a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma with years of experience. 

Toenail Abnormalities

Being an athlete or a diabetic can increase your chances to experience toenail discomfort and abnormalities but truthfully, all people are susceptible to these types of injuries. The following is a list of common toenail abnormalities: 

  • Onychomycosis (toenail fungus): This type of infection enhances when the feet are in a damp and dark area for an extended period. The first sign of this infection is a white spot under the tip of the toenail. The toenail will begin to thicken and progressively discolor as the fungus spreads. Often, the nail will crumble and crack rather easily which is an indicator that seeing a foot doctor in Ronkonkoma is necessary. *Individuals with diabetes are more likely to experience this infection*
  • Ingrown Toenail: This injury, which is experienced by millions each year, is known to cause excruciating pain and in severe cases, the inability to walk. An ingrown toenail occurs when the corner and/or a section of the toenail grows into the neighboring flesh of the toe. Refrain from cutting the toenails too short to avoid this injury. 
  • Toenail Trauma: Toenail trauma can be caused by a long list of stuff including, stubbing your toe, dropping something heavy on the toe, wearing small shoes, and picking at the nails. Athletes increasingly will experience toenail trauma due to the constant pressure on the toes and the opportunity of them being stepped on with force. It is common for blood pockets to form under the nail and in this case, contact your local foot doctor in Ronkonkoma. 
  • Clubbed Toenails: Usually caused by an underlying disease, toenail clubbing is when alterations around and under the toenails to widen and take a club-like shape. Lung disease, heart disease, and cancer are a few conditions that can cause toenail clubbing. 

Home Remedies to Combat Toenail Abnormalities

Before contacting Dr. Muroff, attempt these at-home remedies that may be able to subside your pain. If these do not help, be sure to contact him and receive the professional podiatry care you may be in great need of. 

Let your feet breathe: Your feet need air, bottom line. To avoid contracting a fungi infection, allow air to dry your feet after a long day in enclosed footwear. While enclosed for a long duration, moisture will build up around the toenails and increase the likelihood of fungi growing in and around the toes. 

Wear the correct footwear: Many toenail problems are caused by inadequate footwear. When shoes are too tight, the toenails are restricted and crowded causing contact with the shoe and open wounds to produce. 

Utilize anti-fungal creams: Athletes especially should make this a habit. Athlete’s feet and toes are sweaty and constantly under pressure. This damp, pressurized atmosphere is the perfect place for fungi to reproduce and spread throughout the foot. To combat this from happening, there are many creams on the market that can hinder the fungus from spreading. 

Trim nails frequently: Toenails grow on average 1 mm each month. Trimming and cutting this growth each month is integral to avoiding ingrown toenails and other complications. It is also helpful to trim the toenails in a straight line rather than in a curved fashion. 

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