How to prevent diabetic foot complications

Have you or someone you know recently been diagnosed with diabetes are worried about getting diabetic foot pain? Dr. Muroff is here to help. This podiatrist in Ronkonkoma deals with all kinds of problems relating to diabetic foot care including prevention.

Diabetes can cause long-term problems in one’s body if one does not control their blood sugar well. To control your blood sugar, it is important to get your health into check as well. Creating a more stable exercise routine and diet will help decrease your blood sugar levels. Eating more proteins, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits, while cutting out carbohydrates and alcohol will help you. You can test your blood sugar at home with testing strips and glucose monitors, which you can easily find at your local drug store. This is a good way to check on your blood sugar on a day-to-day basis.

Because having high blood sugar leads to nerve pain also known as neuropathy, which often affects the feet, it is important to keep your blood sugar in check. As diabetic foot pain can be very painful, taking care of your health is always important. Your podiatrist in Ronkonkoma will tell you of different ways that you can treat your feet at home. Taking daily foot baths in warm water is a good way to prevent further foot problems such as corns and calluses. Keep your toenails well trimmed, and wear comfortable socks and shoes at all times. If you take these simple steps at home, this will help prevent further diabetic foot pain.

If you are looking for a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma to help you prevent diabetic foot pain, Dr. Muroff is here for you. He offers all kind of treatments related to diabetes, including custom orthotics, special shoes for diabetes, nerve damage care and more. Diabetes does not have to be painful, and Dr. Muroff can get you back on your feet!

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