How to Cure “Smelly” Feet

Do you often hear others complain about your feet smelling bad? If so, our podiatrist near Bohemia may be who you need. Dr. Jeffrey Muroff is here to show you the best ways for you to cure your “smelly” feet.

Having smelly feet is not uncommon at all and can happen to pretty much anybody for a variety of reasons. The foot has over 250,000 sweat glands, and with the warmer weather underway, you may notice your feet feeling more sweaty than usual. Sweaty, smelly feet is often caused by just environmental factors like hot weather, standing all day, poor hygiene, injury or wearing the same shoes, but it can also be caused by the following:

– Diabetes

– Hormonal changes

– Overactive sweat glands

– Fungal infections

– Genetics

If your feet smell is due to standing all day or poor hygiene, our podiatrist near Bohemia will tell you all about what kinds of treatments you can try at home. Soaking your feet in salt water for 20 minutes can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria in your feet. In addition to soaking your feet, having the right shoes and socks is also important. Wearing cotton socks is preferable to nylon socks, as this will allow the feet to breathe more. If you sweat often, bringing an extra pair of socks with you might be helpful in case you need to change. If your shoes smell bad, try spraying them with Lysol and do the same to your socks. After, stick the socks into the shoe to allow more Lysol to soak into your shoes.

Dr. Muroff has dealt with people who have all kinds of foot problems, especially diabetics. If you suffer from diabetes, having smelly feet is very common. We deal with all kinds of problems related to diabetic foot care, as well as other medical conditions. We will tell you what kind of treatment is right for you.

Whatever the cause of your smelly feet is, we have a podiatrist near Bohemia who is here to help. Dr. Muroff will tell you all about what steps you can take to treat your sweaty feet. With the warmer weather coming up, it is important to make sure your feet are in good health, so you can prevent perspiration and odor. Dr. Muroff will provide the right treatment for you! Contact us today!

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