How Shoes Can Cause Heel Spurs

Fashion often dictates your shoe choices, and in most instances, you may not choose the best shoes to support your feet. Good shoes support your arches, cushion every step, and make it easy for you to move around. The wrong footwear is more than uncomfortable; it can lead to foot issues like heel spurs. Our podiatrist near Holbrook, Jeffrey S. Muroff DPM, stresses the importance of selecting supportive footwear to prevent heel spurs and other problems. Continue reading to discover how shoes can lead to heel spurs. 

What Are Heel Spurs? podiatrist near Holbrook

A heel spur is a small, bony growth that protrudes below your back heel bone inside your foot. Heel spurs develop when there is stress on your foot ligaments. As your foot bones absorb wear and tear throughout the years, they make efforts to compensate by strengthening themselves in places they are wearing out. When the bone tries to strengthen itself, it creates a calcium deposit called a bone spur. Since the feet are such a highly used area, bone spurs can be incredibly painful. 

How Shoes Can Cause Heel Spurs

Knowing what shoes are best for your feet can be challenging, but a podiatrist near Holbrook can recommend the right shoes to help you reduce heel pain and other foot problems. The proper footwear will depend on certain factors like existing foot problems, the types of exercises you do, and your occupation. Here are some of the most common footwear mistakes that can lead to heel spurs:

  • Poor Fit – If your shoes are too narrow, wide, big, or small, they cannot support your foot correctly. You may get friction blisters and change how you walk to adjust to a poor fit. These shoes also may not support your arch, leading to inflammation in the plantar fascia. This extra stress can cause your body to develop a heel spur. 
  • Worn Out – Wearing the same running sneakers for months and months of workouts can do more harm than good. Even if they fit perfectly and support your feet initially, the cushioning and structure of the shoes wear down over time. Our podiatrist can help determine if your shoes need replacing and recommend supportive shoes that prevent heel spurs. 
  • Fashion or Convenience – Flats, high heels, and flop flops all have a use, but if you wear them often, you can develop heel pain. These fashionable shoes don’t offer much support or cushioning. Daily wear is not recommended as these can exacerbate your heel pain. 

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