How Does Running Affect Your Feet?

Podiatrist near HolbrookWhen trying to remain healthy and active, running is a great way to accomplish this goal. Almost everyone can partake in a regular jog, and expensive equipment isn’t required. However, if you aren’t careful, running can lead to injuries. When this is the case, you’ll need to visit Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff’s office for care. To learn more about the effects running can have on your feet, and how our podiatrist near Holbrook can help, please continue reading.

General Swelling

During a run, your feet are pounding into the ground. When this takes place, it’s natural for your feet to begin to swell up as a result. This swelling can cause general discomfort, and even make it difficult to fit into certain pairs of shoes. If you find that swelling has become a serious problem, our podiatrist near Holbrook will come up with the proper intervention method for you.  

Blisters and Blackened Toenails

It’s important that before you go for a run, you check to make sure your shoes fit correctly. If they do not, you put your feet in harm’s way. When your feet can slide around in your shoes, blisters are likely to form. You may also find yourself dealing with blackened toenails due to bruising.  

Additional Issues

At Jeffrey S. Muroff DPM, our team knows that there are a plethora of issues that running can cause. When you decide to work with our podiatrist near Holbrook, you increase the odds of making a full recovery from the ailments you may be facing. Additional problems that running can cause in your feet include:

  • Ankle sprains.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Stress fractures.
  • Bunions.
  • Corns.  

How Our Podiatrist In Holbrook Can Help

When you notice an issue has developed in your feet, it’s important to seek out prompt care. Our podiatrist near Holbrook can diagnose the condition and offer treatment to prevent it from becoming any worse. Depending on your symptoms, some treatment methods that may be administered can include:

  • Orthotics.
  • Bracing.
  • Medications.
  • Additional services.

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Whether you are new to running or have been doing so your whole life, issues can always occur. We understand that here at Jeffrey S. Muroff DPM, which is why our podiatrist near Holbrook will do everything in his power to help. To schedule an appointment with us, be sure to contact our team today.

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