How Men Can Take Better Care Of Their Feet

Many men don’t pay much attention to their feet until a problem arises, but foot care is integral to any personal care routine. In honor of Men’s Health Month, our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma would like to put the focus on men this June and encourage them to take better care of their feet. Continue reading to discover Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff’s foot care tips for men! 

How Men Can Take Better Care Of Their FeetPodiatrist in Ronkonkoma

While many women often prioritize foot care, men often view foot care as an unnecessary and luxurious spa service. However, men’s foot care does not need to be elaborate. Men can get their feet in optimal health with some of these essential foot care tips from our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma:

  • Change Socks Daily – As the temperature gets warmer, your feet will likely get sweaty throughout the day. Changing your socks when they become damp can help prevent excessive perspiration, keep your feet dry, and help you avoid foot odor or infection. 
  • Wash Feet – Standing in the shower and letting the water hit your feet is not enough to keep them clean. Wash your feet with soap and water daily, and make sure to dry them thoroughly. 
  • Trim Toenails Properly – You should be trimming your toenails straight across to avoid painful ingrown toenails that put you at risk for pain and infection. 
  • Pedicure – Many men steer clear of professional pedicures, but they can significantly improve the look and feel of your feet. 

These men’s foot care tips from our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma can help ensure that your feet look and feel their best. If you experience any foot pain or notice any changes in the skin, you should visit Dr. Muroff for an evaluation. Dr. Muroff will evaluate your condition and help determine the best course of action to relieve your foot problems. 

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Unfortunately, men tend to be less preventive and proactive when it comes to their health. You shouldn’t drag your feet when it comes to getting your feet evaluated. During Men’s Health Month, visit our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma to put your best foot forward! Contact Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff today to schedule an appointment.

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