Helpful Tips For National Self-Check Month

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Every year during the month of February, National Self-Check Month serves as an important reminder that we can take charge of our foot health. Performing self-checks can decrease your likelihood of developing painful and often preventable foot conditions. Our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma would like to share some helpful tips to consider this month. Continue reading to discover some of Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff’s self-check tips to protect your foot health.

Checking Your Feet

Your feet carry you millions of steps each year, but often, we don’t pay much attention to them. If you want to make sure your feet stay healthy, you’ll need to perform self-checks regularly, even if they aren’t aching. Our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma would like to share some valuable information for your next foot examination:

  • Appearance – Your foot’s appearance says a lot about its health. If you notice any skin changes, discoloration, calluses, or blisters, it can signify that something is wrong. Make sure you check the bottoms and tops of your feet and examine between the toes. Document any changes and set up an appointment with Dr. Muroff. 
  • Range of Motion – Put your feet to the test during your self-check. Place an object on the ground and see if you can pick it up with your feet to test your flexibility and range of motion. If you notice any pain or limited mobility, you can benefit from stretching and strengthening your feet. 
  • Circulation – To test for proper blood flow, gently squeeze the nail of your big toe until the color turns. Let go and evaluate how long it takes the color to return. If it takes longer than 5 seconds, it could indicate a circulation problem. 
  • Pain – Take note of pain in all areas of your feet. Healthy, happy feet are pain-free, so if you experience regular discomfort, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma. 

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During National Self-Check Month, don’t neglect your foot health. Regular self-checks can help you take better care of your feet and improve your overall health. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff is here to discuss any of your foot health questions and keep you feeling your best. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist in Ronkonkoma.

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