Footwear This Winter

Finding the right footwear for the winter season can be a daunting task. Rarely do we enjoy meandering through the snow with our socks soaking wet and our feet feeling like they need to be thawed out. On rare occasions, our feet may actually experience a severe ailment such as frostbite or other cold-related complications, if they’re not protected from the dropping temperatures. Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, your local podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, can provide recommendations for proper footwear during this chilling winter season.

One important aspect of proper winter footwear is abstaining from wearing light shoes and socks. This puts you at an increased risk of having snow and ice water penetrate through your shoes, which can be highly uncomfortable. Instead, try using boots that are thick and impenetrable. Boots that are specialized in snow prevention are typically preferred over ordinary work boots. Consider combining them with long thick socks as well, perhaps even doubling up on them. Short socks could ride up your boots and essentially make you barefoot, which is never going to be pleasant when walking through the snow. Longer socks will remain sturdy and help block the ice water from seeping through and reaching your feet. Aside from these two items, toe warmers are another outstanding piece of equipment you can use for warmth. They’re exceedingly adequate in keeping your feet warm and will likely provide a maximum level of comfort.

In any case, there’s a chance that even if you follow these recommended footwear suggestions, your feet will still end up feeling the cold a bit. Therefore, it’s imperative that you remember to keep your feet warm and dry upon returning home. There are several different methods that you can go about utilizing to do this. Customarily, you may consider toasting up by the fireplace as you unwind and take in the type of warmth that only a fire can provide. Wrapping yourself in a nice warm blanket can also be sufficient for increasing body temperature, as it shields you from the freezing temperatures. Naturally, both of these techniques can be quite comfortable and relaxing, allowing us to enjoy the winter months a bit more than normal.

For other footwear tips and information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, your local podiatrist in Ronkonkoma, for all consultations.

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