Foot Care for Diabetics

Neglecting your feet is never a good idea, and that is just as true if you have diabetes. Due to the changes that diabetes creates regarding nerve function and blood flow, you need to pay close attention to keep your feet safe. Jeffrey S. Muroff, our experienced podiatrist near Centereach, can provide excellent diabetic foot care.

What’s Diabetes Got to Do with My Feet?

You may be thinking “How can diabetes affect my feet?” Diabetes can have serious consequences for your feet that could lead to something as serious as amputation if not properly treated. One of the ways diabetes affects your feet is diabetic neuropathy. When this condition occurs, high blood sugar and high levels of fats present in your blood cause serious damage to your nerves. This condition is especially prominent in the legs and feet.

Diabetes also damages your body’s circulation, especially to the feet. This occurs because diabetes causes the blood vessels in your legs and feet to shrink and harden. This is especially serious because it means your feet are more prone to infection, and can have trouble healing.

How a Doctor Can Help

Though there is a lot you can do on your own at home to take care of your feet, but there are a lot of foot care necessities that need to be taken care of by our podiatrist near Centereach. Dr. Muroff can provide you with foot care that’s as simple and convenient as the foot care you can do at home.

Dr. Muroff will perform regular checkups on your feet. He will notice serious conditions you might have missed yourself. Your doctor will also help you heal any damage to your foot. It is necessary to let your doctor do this, as they will apply professional care and attention to your feet. If you notice any cuts, bruises, scrapes, or ingrown nails, call your podiatrist immediately.

Along with diabetic conditions, our foot doctor can also treat other foot ailments, like corns and calluses. Attempting to treat your foot problems yourself can be incredibly dangerous. If you have diabetes and are looking for a caring, knowledgeable podiatrist near Centereach, look no further than Dr. Muroff. Don’t put your feet at risk! Call for an appointment today.

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