Does My Child Need Orthotics?

The feet serve as the foundation of your entire body, but abnormal foot alignment can result in pain in your back, hips, and knees. This is the same for children. A child with improper foot alignment may be more susceptible to shin splints, stress fractures, tendonitis, and back pain. Custom orthotics from our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma can help patients of all ages support their feet, combat foot pain, and prevent future injuries. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff would like to share some information to help you discover if your child needs orthotics, so continue reading to learn more. 

Does My Child Need Orthotics? Foot Doctor in Ronkonkoma

Children’s foot health is often ignored and can lead to debilitating problems not only in the feet but also in their backs and legs. Observing how your child’s foot develops and forms as they age is crucial. If there is a potential problem with your child’s foot structure, providing early support is often the most effective route to improvement. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it could be an indication that your child needs orthotics from our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma:

  • No visible arch in the instep.
  • Heel or toe walking. 
  • Stumbling or clumsiness. 
  • Wearing out the outside or inside heel of their shoes. 
  • Avoids physical activity because of pain. 
  • Wanting to be picked up constantly because they tire easily. 
  • Pigeon or penguin toe walking gait. 

Children do not normally require custom orthotics until they’ve reached approximately six years old, but if at that point your child is not developing normal arches or their foot problems persist, they may need orthotics. While plenty of orthotics are available at local stores, they are not made for your child’s feet. Our qualified foot doctor in Ronkonkoma can help ensure your child gets the proper foot support they need. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your child and recommend the best orthotics to assist your child’s comfort, development, and growth. 

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