The name “Athlete’s Foot” may be deceiving as this condition not only affects athletes but can affect anyone. This condition is a type of fungus that is contagious, no matter if you play a sport or not. This fungus is an infection within the skin that usually occurs due to the area of the feet being warm and moist. This condition can happen to anyone and usually affects people with feet that sweat a lot in combination with tight-fit footwear. Athlete’s foot can be taken care of, and Dr. Muroff can help provide the podiatrist near Holbrook that you need!

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot podiatrist near holbrook

An athlete’s foot is accompanied by symptoms that can impact day-to-day activity. This condition may also affect one or both feet and usually can be pretty easy to diagnose. If you’re experiencing symptoms of an athlete’s foot, it is important to seek a medical professional. Contact Dr. Muroff for a podiatrist near Holbrook to find out more about athlete’s foot. However, here is a list of some symptoms to look out for:

  • Burning or stinging sensation on the foot area
  • Peeling or cracked skin in between the toes
  • Inflammation or skin that appears red or darker than usually
  • Itching sensation, usually after taking off footwear
  • Dry skin on the bottom/side of the foot
  • Blisters or rashes affecting the skin of the foot


An athlete’s foot is caused by the retention of fungi in the foot area. The fungus is retained due to wet socks or shoes and warm feet. The warm and humid condition assists the fungi in developing as it favors the growth of the infection. To reduce the risk of this condition, it’s vital to refrain from sharing footwear, let your feet breathe, and don’t walk barefoot in public areas. 

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Athlete’s foot can be a common condition among those who play sports, but it’s important to recognize that these aren’t the only ones affected by this condition. If you believe you’re experiencing symptoms of athlete’s foot, it’s important to get it checked out before possibly spreading to someone close to you. By contacting Dr. Muroff, you’re taking a step in the right direction toward removing yourself from the effects of this condition. Visit our website for more information about the podiatrist near Holbrook you seek!