How Can I Avoid Ingrown Toenails?

Podiatrist near HolbrookHave you recently noticed the side of your toenail growing into your skin? Has this led to pain and discomfort when you put pressure on the affected toe? Answering yes to these questions points to the likelihood of an ingrown toenail. Patients who are faced with this should not hesitate to contact the office of Jeffrey S Muroff DPM. Our podiatrist near Holbrook can help correct the problem so you can get back to being pain-free. We can also offer advice on preventing this from happening, so you never need treatment in the first place.

What Is An Ingrown Toenail?

As previously stated, an ingrown toenail occurs when the outer sides of the toenail begin to grow into the surrounding skin. While your big toe is most often impacted, our podiatrist near Holbrook warns that any toe can be affected. Should you start facing any of the below symptoms due to this condition, we’ll be able to help:

  • The skin next to the toenail becomes swollen, tender, or stiff.
  • Pain is felt when applying pressure to the affected toe.
  • Fluid build-ups.
  • Overgrowth of skin around the toe.
  • Pus oozing from the affected area.

What Are Some Causes Of An Ingrown Toenail?

When ingrown toenails are left unchecked, it can cause the affected area to become infected, leading to various complications. That is why prevention is crucial. The first step in doing this is understanding the common causes that lead to ingrown toenails. Any of the below can be the culprit of this condition:

  • Having irregular, curved toenails.
  • Not cutting your toenails straight across.
  • Certain toe injuries.
  • Poor posture.  
  • Footwear that has a narrow toe box.
  • Improper foot hygiene.

Tips For Avoiding Ingrown Toenails

Jeffrey S Muroff DPM, our podiatrist near Holbrook, knows how difficult dealing with ingrown toenails can be for his patients. Fortunately, he has tips that help allow patients to avoid this occurrence altogether. They can help patients avoid making trips to the doctor’s office. Some of the best prevention tips we can offer include:

  • Always cut your nails straight across.
  • Never trim your nails too short.
  • Don’t wear shoes or socks that are too tight.
  • Don’t keep damp shoes or socks on your feet too long.

Schedule An Appointment 

Even after doing your part and focusing on the previously mentioned prevention methods, ingrown toenails can still occur. Contacting our podiatrist near Holbrook, Jeffrey S Muroff DPM, should be your first move if this happens to you. Once you’ve arrived, we’ll evaluate your toenail before determining the best treatment course. To get your feet back to full health, be sure to schedule your appointment today.  

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