Avoiding Athlete’s Foot This Summer

Foot doctor in RonkonkomaSummer has finally arrived! This season should be a fun-filled time for you and your family, but sometimes uncomfortable foot conditions can affect your good time. Athlete’s foot is a prevalent condition that tends to resurge during the warmer months and can be pretty challenging to manage on your own. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff, our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma, has helped several patients overcome this condition. Our team can help you treat this ailment and get your feet back to optimal health in time for sandal weather. Please continue reading below to learn more about how to avoid athlete’s foot this summer. 

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a prevalent fungal infection that can affect your feet. You may be more susceptible to athlete’s foot if you have sweaty feet and wear tight-fitting shoes. If you develop athlete’s foot this summer, Dr. Muroff can help you clear it up in time for summer. You may be dealing with athlete’s foot if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Rash between the toes. 
  • Burning and itching sensation. 
  • Dryness.
  • Redness. 

Athlete’s foot thrives in damp, warm environments. Certain activities can put you more at risk for developing this condition. Wearing damp socks and shoes or walking barefoot around a pool or other common areas can lead to athlete’s foot. This condition is contagious, so you can get it from sharing shoes with someone who has athlete’s foot. If you find yourself dealing with athlete’s foot this summer, our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma is here to help. 

Avoiding Athlete’s Foot

Summer should be an exciting time, so the last thing you want to deal with is athlete’s foot. If left untreated, this foot condition can become a nuisance. It’s important to note that it is also contagious and can potentially spread to other areas of your body. Here are a few tips our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma recommends for avoiding athlete’s foot this summer:

  • Avoid tight shoes. 
  • Refrain from walking around barefoot around locker rooms or swimming pools. 
  • Keep your feet dry and clean. 
  • Remove your shoes after exercising. 
  • Don’t share sandals or footwear. 
  • Wear breathable cotton socks. 

Contact Our Foot Doctor in Ronkonkoma!

Don’t let athlete’s foot stop you from enjoying the summer! If you are dealing with this condition, Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff is here to help! To learn more about how we can help or schedule an appointment, contact our team today! 

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