Avoiding Sprained Ankles This Winter

Any time a person stands up and walks around, the risk of suffering an ankle sprain is present. However, with the conditions that are present during winter, this risk can become even more significant. Here At Jeffrey S Muroff DPM’s office, our team does not want to see patients suffer from this injury. That is why our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma would like to point out the symptoms that accompany ankle sprains and discuss what can be done to help avoid them.

Symptoms Of Sprained Ankles

When you continue to move around on a sprained ankle without letting it heal, the likelihood of the injury becoming worse vastly increases. Rest is needed to prevent this from happening. That is why our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma wants to ensure you understand the symptoms that indicate this injury has taken place. If you find yourself dealing with any of the below, consider scheduling an appointment with us right away:

  • Popping sound or sensation at the time of the injury.
  • Swelling or bruising around the ankle.
  • Pain.
  • Joint instability.
  • Inability to put pressure on the joint.

Common Causes Of Sprained Ankles

To properly defend yourself from ankle sprains, the first step is to understand the common causes. Doing so will allow you to make any necessary adjustments in your life to keep these weight-bearing joints protected. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments of the ankle are forced to stretch outside of their normal range of motion. According to our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma, the most common causes of this can include the following:

  • Falls that cause your ankle to twist.
  • Landing awkwardly on your foot after jumping.
  • Exercising on an uneven surface.
  • Stepping on another person’s foot during physical activity.  

Winter Prevention Methods  

Once the patient understands the causes of sprained ankles, the next step is to prevent them from occurring. Playing your part in this role is especially important during the winter, as this season’s conditions lend themselves perfectly to this type of injury. To stand the best chance at preventing these types of injuries, our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma recommends the following:

  • Wearing footwear that fits snuggly.
  • Only wearing footwear that offers proper ankle and arch support.
  • Avoiding walking over snowy and icy areas when possible.
  • Take slow, staggered steps like a penguin to maintain balance.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets when walking to promote balance.
  • Take off wet shoes as soon as you enter the house.   

Contact Our Foot Doctor In Ronkonkoma

Ankle sprains are an unfortunate occurrence, but they can be avoided. If you’d like to learn about more prevention methods, be sure to contact our foot doctor in Ronkonkoma here at Jeffrey S Muroff DPM’s office today.

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