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Whether we’re at work, playing a sport, or just spending time with the ones we love, we depend on our feet to get us from Point A to Point B. However, when we run into foot complications, putting aside what you care about can be a very difficult issue to deal with. Luckily, if you’re searching for podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Muroff is the best choice for you. For years, we’ve been proudly serving Suffolk County with the utmost care and dedication.


















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Overcoming Fractures - Orthopedic foot conditions can leave your lifestyle as debilitated as your mobility. Work closely with Jeffrey S Muroff, DPM, and let us get you on the road to recovery. Injuries and fractures are the most common cause of orthopedic foot disability. Together with Dr. Muroff you'll develop a unique plan designed to allow you to begin a quicker recovery and regain mobility


Feeling numbness - Diabetes and other nerve problems that can affect the foot can have orthopedic implications, resulting in physical damage. Work with Dr. Muroff to develop a proactive plan to prevent injury and loss of mobility.


Regaining Mobility - Orthopedic foot conditions can leave your lifestyle as debilitated as your mobility. Work closely with Jeffrey S Muroff, DPM, and let us get you on the road to recovery.


Conditions We Treat






















A fооt соrn iѕ аn аrеа оf hard, thiсkеnеd ѕkin оn thе fооt thаt is formed in rеѕроnѕе to pressure or friction. Foot corns аrе аmоng thе mоѕt соmmоn problems that people have with thеir feet. They are еаѕу to spot bаѕеd оn thеir shape аnd lightеr color, in comparison tо thе nоrmаl ѕkin color. Cоmmоn ѕitеѕ оf соrn formation are on the ball of the foot, under the big toe, and the tiрѕ and thе tорѕ of toes. Sоft соrnѕ can bе dеvеlореd in between tоеѕ, where the ѕkin is mоiѕt from sweat. Sоmеtimеѕ, the рrеѕѕurе of the corn mау produce inflammation which lеаdѕ to аn acute раin, swelling, аnd redness. If you’re looking for a podiatrist near Centereach to help you with your condition, contact Dr. Jeffrey Muroff today!




- Thickened patch оf hаrd ѕkin оn the foot.

- Hаrd аnd ѕmаll bumр of ѕkin thаt mау hаvе a сеntrаl соrе.

- Whitе аnd rubbеrу bumps оf the ѕkin, so саllеd "soft соrnѕ".

- Pаin whеn рrеѕѕurе оr friсtiоn is аррliеd tо thе аrеа.

- Discomfort whеn wеаring tight shoes.



Mаjоr саuѕеѕ оf fооt соrnѕ:


- Wearing tight footwear can place pressure оn thе fооt, especially on the side of the toes. Continued rubbing сrеаtеѕ friction that will initially dеvеlор into a corn.

- Hаving рооr fооt hуgiеnе аlѕо соntributеs to corns.

- High-heeled ѕhоеѕ can cause рrоblеmѕ аѕ it ѕuееzеѕ the front part of your tоеѕ, which creates friction, leading tо the development of a foot соrn.

- Wеаring tight stockings аnd ѕосkѕ also рutѕ pressure оn thе bаll of the fооt. Avoid wearing tight ѕосkѕ to рrоvidе a healthier environment fоr уоur fооt. Wearing looser socks will allow уоur fооt to relax more.

- Lооѕе ѕhоеѕ that make your foot ѕlidе and rub against it creates friсtiоn, lеаding tо thе possible development of foot corns.

- Sаndаlѕ аlѕо роѕе riѕkѕ for corn dеvеlopmеnt bесаuѕе they rub аgаinѕt the foot, whether it’s between the toes or along the bottom of the feet.



The Treatment


A person with соrnѕ iѕ likely to еxреriеnсе pain when walking and wearing ѕhоеѕ. Fortunately, thеrе are many ways tо trеаt соrnѕ. When it comes to recovery, a podiatrist in Ronkonkoma can offer excellent service for foot treatment.


- One medical procedure iѕ to trim the thiсkеnеd dead ѕkin uѕing a ѕurgiсаl knifе оr scalpel.

- The use of chemicals can be used to treat corns. Mаnу роdiаtriѕtѕ mаkе uѕе of salicylic acid ѕоlutiоn tо рееl оf thе corns оn tоеѕ.

- A person with corns can apply castor oil and other оintmеntѕ on their feet to help ѕооthе the corns and eventually soften them.

- Soaking the feet in a bаѕin of warm wаtеr with Eрѕоm ѕаlt also has a beneficial result for corns.


With thе right treatment and рrореr care, corns can become a thing of the past. If you’re trying to get rid of your corns for good, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, a podiatrist near Centereach, can give you peace of mind and provide excellent treatment.



Diabetic conditions

















Have you or someone you know recently been diagnosed with diabetes are worried about getting diabetic foot pain? Dr. Muroff is here to help. Our podiatrist near Centereach deals with all kinds of problems relating to diabetic foot care including prevention.


Diabetes can cause long-term problems in one’s body if one does not control their blood sugar well. To control your blood sugar, it is important to get your health into check as well. Creating a more stable exercise routine and diet will help decrease your blood sugar levels. Eating more proteins, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits, while cutting out carbohydrates and alcohol will help you. You can test your blood sugar at home with testing strips and glucose monitors, which you can easily find at your local drug store. This is a good way to check on your blood sugar on a day-to-day basis.


Because having high blood sugar leads to nerve pain also known as neuropathy, which often affects the feet, it is important to keep your blood sugar in check. As diabetic foot pain can be very painful, taking care of your health is always important. Your podiatrist near Centereach will tell you of different ways that you can treat your feet at home. Taking daily foot baths in warm water is a good way to prevent further foot problems such as corns and calluses. Keep your toenails well trimmed, and wear comfortable socks and shoes at all times. If you take these simple steps at home, this will help prevent further diabetic foot pain.


If you are looking for a podiatrist near Centereach to help you prevent diabetic foot pain, Dr. Muroff is here for you. He offers all kind of treatments related to diabetes, including custom orthotics, special shoes for diabetes, nerve damage care and more. Diabetes does not have to be painful, and Dr. Muroff can get you back on your feet!



Plantar Warts
























Although they’re not necessarily dangerous, there’s no doubting that warts can be incredibly bothersome and if left untreated they can become tough to handle. But dealing with plantar warts on your feet is a laborious task that typically requires an evaluation and diagnosis from a podiatrist. Upon diagnosing the degree of your plantar warts condition, your podiatrist will recommend methods of treatment for their eventual removal. Thankfully, your podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, specializes in the treatment of plantar warts and he may be able to assist you with the condition.


Warts can appear in various locations on your skin, but plantar warts typically develop on your feet in the heel area. The initial trigger for allowing warts to materialize is the HPV virus which may enter your feet through small cuts or scrapes. Even though they’re not an ominous health condition, plantar warts can be rather annoying and may require treatment from a podiatrist. If you think you may be dealing with them, look for the following warnings signs:


-Growths on the bottom part of your feet that are either fleshy, rough, or grainy (or all of the above).

-A hardened callus that seems to be covering a distinct “spot” on the skin of your feet.

-Small clotted blood vessels.

-A “spot” that intercedes the normal lines and ridges you find on your feet’s skin

-Discomfort in the bottom part of your feet when you’re standing or walking.



If this has become unbearable then seek immediate treatment.


Once you’ve identified the symptoms and received proper diagnosis from a podiatrist, you can then consider treating the plantar warts condition. Your podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, will recommend the following tactics for treatment:


Salicylic Acid - One of the primary issues with treating warts is carving through the deep layers of thickness that it progressively develops over time. An outstanding way of carefully treating this complication is by using salicylic acid, which gradually removes the layers of thickness little by little.


Cryotherapy - Also known as “freezing medicine” cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart. Typically done by a podiatrist, this is a common method of healing plantar warts due to its effectiveness. The chemical creates a blister that surrounds your wart, allowing it to then turn into dead tissue. In approximately two weeks, the wart should be able to be removed easily.


Don’t deal with plantar warts yourself, let our trained podiatrist near Centereach handle them for you!



Nerve Pain Treatment 






















Nerve pain is never a joyful experience depending on the location and severity of it can range between mild, moderate where medication helps, or it can be crippling and prevents an individual from performing their daily functions. There are numerous causes of nerve pain in the feet one being diabetic nerve pain and the two most prevalent in diabetic patients is sensory neuropathy and peripheral. Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, podiatrist near Centereach, helps treat patients with diabetic neuropathy in their feet by providing them with several options to alleviate their pain.




Some of those options include.

- Custom Orthotics

- Nerve Injections

- Medications (oral/topical)


For patients with diabetic nerve pain, the best orthotic option would be Footstar Orthotics. The way Footstar Orthotics differs from regular orthotics is that they are custom made to fit your foot. When a patient is fitted for Footstar the way they walk and carry themselves is always put into play that way they are getting not only getting the best fit, but also a way to provide relief for the already aggravated nerves.


Another form of treatment for patients with diabetic foot pain would be nerve block injections. These injections would be performed by our podiatrist near Centereach, the number of injections a patient receives depends on their severity of their pain. A typical round of treatment would be three injections in each leg, the location of these shots will periodically change. Though these shots are a form of local anesthesia, patients won’t always experience numbness. Afterwards, there are two remaining treatment cycles that last 20 minutes, a patient will have two adhesive pads placed on their legs, those pads have an electrical current to them which will help relax the nerves. To see results a patient will typically need six treatments.


The final form of treatment Dr. Muroff would use for patients with diabetic nerve pain would be medications both oral and topical. Some of those medications might be:


- Anticonvulsants these medications are prescribed to help reduce diabetic neuropathy

- Lidocaine and Mexiletine: the first medication Lidocaine is an adhesive patch that is applied to the area that is causing pain. Mexiletine is an oral medication and has the same effect as lidocaine in which both provide pain relief.

- Over the counter medications.


For patients with diabetic nerve pain in their feet call the office to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Muroff.



Shin Splints























If you are an active runner, it is probable that you either heard of or dealt with a painful condition known as shin splints. Medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints are commonly associated with pain along the shin bone, located in the front of one’s lower leg. For treatment, our podiatrist near Centereach can be sure to help you.



Causes for shin splints vary greatly. Some common causes are:

- Repetitive stress on the shinbone and connective tissues

- Stress fractures

- Overpronation (flat feet)

- Poor lumbar spine function


Shin splint symptoms are often very similar across the board. People suffering from shin splints often experience:


- Tenderness in the leg/shinbone

- Soreness in the leg/shinbone

- Pain in the leg/shinbone

- Mild swelling of the lower leg


People often say that the pain does stop when exercising stops, but it eventually becomes continuous over time. This is problematic as it may lead to a stress fracture or stress reaction. You can prevent the chance of obtaining shin splints by learning some of the common risk factors:

- A sudden increase in the intensity, frequency, or duration of an exercise occurs

- You have flat feet

- You’re beginning a running program

- You run on uneven terrain or hard surfaces


If you do begin to experience symptoms associated with shin splints, it is important to know that many cases of shin splints are treatable without visiting a doctor. Professionals suggest the following:


-Rest (avoid exercise that causes the pain)

-Ice (apply ice 15-20 minutes for 4-8 times a day to reduce pain and swelling)

-Over the counter pain medication (Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Motrin, etc)


Sometimes, however, self-management does not prove to aid in improving one’s symptoms. At this point, professional medical assistance is highly suggested in order to fully address the problem and treat it immediately.


Dr. Muroff, our podiatrist near Centereach, knows just how much of a nuisance shin splints can be to those who participate in an active lifestyle. If self-treatment does not seem to improve your symptoms, come into our office to get a full analysis of the problem and begin healing so you can return to exercising regularly.





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If you are looking for a podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff can help! Dr. Muroff’s motto is “happy feet are healthy feet.” His goal is to have you walk out of his office with a smile and the knowledge that you are being treated with the best and latest in podiatric treatment options. Don’t wait to get happy feet; do something today! Contact us today to see how we can help you.


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