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Effective Treatment For Feet And Ankles

Major Wound Care

Minor Wound Care

Improved Foot Health

From severe work-related injuries to fractures and foreign body impacts from sports, Dr. Muroff possesses the leading care methods and supportive staff to treat you quickly.

Ulcers, minor puncture wounds and infected nails can quickly escalate into serious conditions. If you suspect you've encountered injury or illness, contact our office immediately.

When you've suffered an injury, no matter how minor or major, custom podiatric care is the best path to full recovery. Trust Dr. Muroff you provide you with the right treatment plan.

Non-Invasive Care

Lasting Pain Relief

Outpatient Care

Tendinitis, bunions, fractures and other debilitating conditions need not immediately be treated with surgery. Dr. Muroff aims to provide you with non-invasive care, for a quicker recovery without damage.

With a custom-developed treatment plan for you physical injury or infection, you'll recovery on a predictable schedule, and never need return to Dr. Muroff's office because of recurring pain or injury.

With a comfortable office atmosphere, supporting staff, and state-of-the-art orthotics and treatment methods, your podiatric outpatient care is made easier at the office of Dr. Muroff.

You'll Find Quick, Lasting Relief From Foot And Ankle Injuries With Dr. Muroff.

Podiatrist | Lake Grove, NY 11755 Podiatrist | Lake Grove, NY 11755 Podiatrist | Lake Grove, NY 11755

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