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By jeffreysmu8882327, Feb 15 2019 08:00AM

Plantar warts are essentially just small growths that may appear on high, weight-bearing areas of the foot. If untreated, plantar warts could turn into a real problem and could give you a severe amount of pain. If you are a person who needs treatment from a podiatrist near Centereach, visit Dr. Jeffery S. Muroff today to view treatment plans and make an appointment!

Symptoms Of Plantar Warts

- A relatively tiny rugged growth on the bottom of your foot, the wart has a possibility of being very fleshy and it may even bleed. Warts can come up on pretty much the whole foot.

- Black pinpoints are small black dots that are actually small clotted blood vessels, and this is a telltale sign that you have a wart.

- Hard or calloused skin where it hasn't been before.

How To Know When To See a Doctor

Making sure you’re aware of when to see our podiatrist near Centereach is important for truly having a proper recovery. Some things to look out for include:

- The wart bleeding or any discoloration of the skin.

- Attempting to cure the wart with home remedies with no end-result.

- The discomfort that’s prohibiting you from doing normal activities.

What Are The Treatments for Plantar Warts?

- Cryotherapy - Doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. This treatment is usually applied by spray and can usually take care of the wart through several different treatments.

- Immune-therapy - Doctors use this therapy to strengthen your immune system against warts. This is done by doctors giving you medications or solutions to make you less prone to getting warts.

- Laser treatment - this treatment burns the blood vessels and infected skin around the wart until the wart is fully cauterized. With a couple of treatments, the wart will eventually fall off.

Plantar warts may be tiny, but they are painful and difficult to get rid of! If you are in need of a podiatrist near Centereach, make sure you visit Dr. Muroff today so you may enjoy a pain-free life!

podiatrist near Centereach
podiatrist near Centereach

By jeffreysmu8882327, Jan 22 2019 10:00PM

Claw toes occur when your toe physically digs into the ground, creating painful calluses. Some people may think it is the result of wearing tight shoes, but in fact, it is related to diabetic or alcoholic nerve damage that results in the toe clawing downwards. If left untreated, claw toe can result in a permanent deformity over time. It can weaken the muscles in your foot making it hard to walk. If you are looking for treatment, contact Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff, our podiatrist near Centereach, for help. His clinic offers advanced technology and expertise with decades of experience in the field to help you get back on your feet again.

Symptoms of Claw Toe

Toes are bent downwards (flexion) at the middle joints towards the sole of the shoe.

Toes are bent upwards (extension) from the joints at the ball of the foot.

Toes may curl underneath the foot.

Corns may develop over the top of the toe or under the ball of the foot.


Proper evaluation involves the expertise of a podiatrist. He/she may order nerve conduction studies, imaging, and/or certain clinical tests to rule out neurological disorders that can result in muscle atrophy. Two additional causes of claw toe include trauma and inflammation.


The treatment of claw toe is often conservative at first because all toes are flexible. A special pad can be used to redistribute the weight of the ball of your foot to over the entire foot. This requires a special fitting from a podiatrist. Exercising the toes to increase flexibility may be necessary. For example, you can exercise the toes by picking up a marble or picking up a crumpled tissue off the floor with the toes. This will relax the muscles and keep them from tightening. In extreme cases, a surgical release may be necessary.

It is important to have the right team taking care of you in the management of claw toes. Contact Dr. Jeffrey Muroff for trustworthy, experienced podiatric care. His office has served the Ronkonkoma area and helped thousands of patients over the past decade. When looking for a podiatrist near Centereach, contact Dr. Muroff today to help you reach your goals!

podiatrist near Centereach
podiatrist near Centereach

By jeffreysmu8882327, Jan 16 2019 10:34PM

A podiatrist plays a key role in maintaining the health of the feet. There are many benefits of seeing a podiatrist over taking mediation. If you are looking for a podiatrist near Centereach, contact Dr. Jeffrey Muroff for care in diabetic foot care, skin conditions, and fungal removal. He makes booking an appointment fast and easy and uses modern podiatric medicine to heal the feet. His modern facility includes on-site x-ray, ultrasound, and laser treatment. You don’t have to be in pain if you are suffering from foot conditions! With most insurances accepted, our podiatry services offer long-term benefits compared to medication alone.

Why consult with a podiatrist instead of sticking to home remedies?

- A podiatrist can perform foot surgery as needed and can prescribe antibiotics.

- A podiatrist is a doctor. This means he/she has the training necessary to diagnose the underlying condition and treat it before it occurs again!

- A podiatrist can order tests such as ultrasound and x-ray to see what is going on inside.

- A podiatrist is a specialist, meaning they have expertise in taking care of the feet.

- A podiatrist can determine the urgency of the condition and whether other specialists, such as neurologists or dermatologists, are required to treat the condition.

- Medications such as antifungals and pain-relievers may have side effects if taken incorrectly, resulting in problems within the GI system, endocrine system, or cardiovascular system.

- According to a recent study by the NIH, podiatry plays a leadership role in wound management.

- A medication prescribed by podiatrists has been proven to be much more effective and efficient in clearing the infection earlier so that you can go back to doing the things you love!

The podiatry clinic of Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff has specialties in all foot injuries including the following: Achilles’ heel, plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, foot/ankle fractures, foot/ankle sprains, puncture wounds, and tendon/ligament damage. With comprehensive care to help you get pain-free, Dr. Muroff won’t rest until your issue is fully resolved. If you are looking for a podiatrist near Centereach, contact Dr. Muroff today and take the first step towards recovery!

podiatrist near Centereach
podiatrist near Centereach

By jeffreysmu8882327, Oct 19 2018 08:26PM

Neglecting your feet is never a good idea, and that is just as true if you have diabetes. Due to the changes that diabetes creates regarding nerve function and blood flow, you need to pay close attention to keep your feet safe. Jeffrey S. Muroff, our experienced podiatrist near Centereach, can provide excellent diabetic foot care.

What’s Diabetes Got to Do with My Feet?

You may be thinking “How can diabetes affect my feet?” Diabetes can have serious consequences for your feet that could lead to something as serious as amputation if not properly treated. One of the ways diabetes affects your feet is diabetic neuropathy. When this condition occurs, high blood sugar and high levels of fats present in your blood cause serious damage to your nerves. This condition is especially prominent in the legs and feet.

Diabetes also damages your body’s circulation, especially to the feet. This occurs because diabetes causes the blood vessels in your legs and feet to shrink and harden. This is especially serious because it means your feet are more prone to infection, and can have trouble healing.

How a Doctor Can Help

Though there is a lot you can do on your own at home to take care of your feet, but there are a lot of foot care necessities that need to be taken care of by our podiatrist near Centereach. Dr. Muroff can provide you with foot care that’s as simple and convenient as the foot care you can do at home.

Dr. Muroff will perform regular checkups on your feet. He will notice serious conditions you might have missed yourself. Your doctor will also help you heal any damage to your foot. It is necessary to let your doctor do this, as they will apply professional care and attention to your feet. If you notice any cuts, bruises, scrapes, or ingrown nails, call your podiatrist immediately.

Along with diabetic conditions, our foot doctor can also treat other foot ailments, like corns and calluses. Attempting to treat your foot problems yourself can be incredibly dangerous. If you have diabetes and are looking for a caring, knowledgeable podiatrist near Centereach, look no further than Dr. Muroff. Don’t put your feet at risk! Call for an appointment today.

By jeffreysmu8882327, Sep 24 2018 06:13PM

What Can Happen If I Don’t Regularly Wash My Feet?

Everybody knows the importance of having good personal hygiene. Whether it’s washing your hair or brushing your teeth, our daily hygiene habits play a critical role in maintaining our health and well-being. One habit that many people ignore is washing their feet on a consistent basis. Although it might not seem that important, washing your feet periodically is critical for maintaining proper foot health. If your foot health is becoming an issue, contact our podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Muroff.

Why washing your feet is important:

Our shoes and socks are constantly constraining our feet throughout the day. Shoes and socks also create a warm, moist environment which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to begin to flourish. This bacteria can lead to future health issues for your feet. The effects of these issues can range from slightly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Some of these conditions can be difficult to treat once they develop.

If you continue to neglect your feet, they will become more prone to the following:



Fungal infections

Bacterial infections

Viral infections

Our podiatrist near Centereach, Dr. Jeffrey Muroff, can treat many of these foot conditions and have you feeling completely recovered.

How to keep washing your feet:

Because of these issues, you should introduce feet washing into your daily hygiene routines. When you bathe, you should thoroughly wash your feet with warm, soapy water. Be sure to clean the hard to reach places, such as in between your toes. Doing this will keep your feet clean and reduce your chances of developing bacteria. While washing your feet, you should also avoid soaking them in warm water for too long.

After washing your feet, it is imperative that they are completely dry before you put on any socks and shoes. Excess moisture left on your feet will create more foot bacteria, which could make your feet more prone to infections. Drying your feet will also help prevent dry, cracked feet and calluses. You should also practice good foot hygiene outside of the shower. For example, you should avoid keeping your feet in moist, bacteria-filled environments as much as possible.

Overall, washing your feet on a regular basis is important to maintaining healthy feet. Our podiatrist near Centereach recommends that you include washing your feet with your other daily hygiene activities.

Are you looking for more information regarding proper foot hygiene? Contact us today and get your treatment with Dr. Muroff started.

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