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By jeffreysmu8882327, Jun 24 2019 04:04PM

Gait analysis is a method of evaluating the walk or run of a patient to gain insight into their walking gait. If you enjoy running or walking, gait analysis can be extremely effective at discerning if you are operating efficiently. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff, our podiatrist near Holbrook, can help you better understand your walking or running gait in order to improve your quality of life.

Why Is Gait Analysis Important?

Gait analysis by our podiatrist near Holbrook will determine:

- Cadence

- Stride length

- Step length

- Joint angle measurements

By observing and analyzing your feet during gait analysis, we will be able to observe early signs of conditions or injuries in order to prevent it from worsening. Your walking mechanics are an integral part of many daily activities; so it is important that you are walking efficiently and effectively. Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff provides gait analysis to understand better the mechanics of your feet and ankles which enables him to provide the best possible treatment. One significant benefit is to determine overactive/underactive muscles as these can lead to injury.

Other benefits include:

- Finding the right shoe for support

- Reducing and preventing foot discomfort and pain

- Thorough understanding of your foot mechanics

Another important benefit of gait analysis is to help people who suffer from a variety of issues including diabetes, osteoarthritis, knee injuries, and other complications. Children that have their gait analyzed at a young age reduce their risk of developing scoliosis, knock knees, hip dysplasia, osteoporosis, and patellofemoral instability later in life.

If you are looking for a podiatrist near Holbrook and would like to learn more about gait analysis, we can help you! Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff can treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions in order to provide you with the best quality of life. Contact us today to learn more!

podiatrist near Holbrook
podiatrist near Holbrook

By jeffreysmu8882327, May 28 2019 09:40PM

Treating Foot Cysts

Cysts are fluid-filled growths that can form along your tendons and or joints. Ranging in size from small to large, they can create moderate to severe discomfort for patients. Particularly, cysts that develop directly on a nerve are excruciatingly painful and are difficult to manage. In the majority of cases, cysts are known for developing on the foot and/or ankle. Dr. Muroff, our podiatrist near Holbrook, has encountered this issue with several patients and is able to diagnose and treat cysts that manifest on the foot.

If you are between the ages of 20-40 and have suffered a nerve-related injury in the past, chances are you’ll be more prone to developing a cyst in the ankle or foot. Regrettably, patients, who also endure osteoarthritis are also more prone to developing a cyst. This is due to the loss of cartilage as this increases the foot’s susceptibility to cyst growth. Unfortunately, this can serve as a direct indication that the disease is beginning to progress. Please also keep in mind that research has shown that women are more likely to develop a cyst near the foot than men. If you have difficulty wearing shoes, experience a tingling or burning sensation in your foot or ankle, and notice a lump developing; then you should consult a podiatrist and have them examine the area. If you are in need of a Podiatrist near Holbrook, then you should contact the office of Dr. Muroff.

In some cases, the cyst may not be noticeable upon inspection, but they can still be pressing on a nerve and causing pain. A podiatrist will thoroughly examine a patient to identify a cyst and to determine what type of treatment is necessary. They do this upon initial visual inspection, followed by pressing and feeling for a lump. Should you have any concerns about your condition, it is vital that you see a board-certified podiatrist so that they can identify the complications and so that they can implement a plan to alleviate your symptoms. Potential treatments can include the following methods:

- Monitoring of the cyst without treatment if it is minor and is not painful.

- Footwear modifications to reduce pressure on the cyst.

- Drainage of the cyst and then injecting medication such as steroids to suppress growth.

- Removal of the cyst if necessary when other methods fail and the cyst returns.

- Especially if it is extremely painful and pressing on a nerve.

For patients looking for answers, Dr. Muroff is a skilled podiatrist near Holbrook who can provide assistance in regards to foot care services. Cysts are a complication that can make even the most mundane tasks such as walking a much more strenuous excursion. Don’t allow this pain to take over your life, allow Dr. Muroff to give you the treatment you need!

podiatrist near Holbrook
podiatrist near Holbrook

By jeffreysmu8882327, Apr 26 2019 07:25PM

Foot Care For Diabetics

People with diabetes are usually prone to having foot problems due to long periods of high blood sugar. These high sugar levels associated with diabetes can lead to nerve damage which results in not being able to sense temperature and pain, particularly in the feet. Diabetics also may not be aware of cuts and sores on their feet, which can often lead to infection. For Dr. Muroff, he understands the pain and hardships that come with diabetes, as he’s been treating his patrons for years. If you’re looking for a podiatrist near Holbrook to give you the attention and care you need, we are here for you!


The symptoms of common foot problems associated with diabetes include:

Loss of feeling

Numbness, tingling

Wounds, blisters, and sores that don’t cause pain

Discoloration of the skin

Red marks

Stains on socks

The deformed appearance of the foot

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important to seek medical care right away. Our podiatrist near Holbrook can help treat many foot conditions associated with diabetes.

Common Treatments

Included in a podiatrist’s treatment for diabetic foot problems is preventative action, custom orthotics, diabetes shoes, nerve damage care, and more. We can help you get back on your feet again after suffering from a wide range of foot problems resulting from diabetes.

For nerve conditions, our podiatrist near Holbrook can prescribe a custom mobility regimen, medication, or refer you to a neurologist specialist. Whether your treatment requires surgery or not, we can provide a unique treatment to help you be free of nerve pain.

For wound care, it is important to contact us immediately. Ulcers, punctures, and infected/ingrown toenails can quickly develop into more serious issues. We aim to provide you with non-invasive care to get you back on your feet. Dr. Muroff’s custom treatment regimen is also designed to keep your recovery on a set-schedule and will never have you return again with recurring injury or pain.

Contact us today!

Dr. Jeffrey Muroff is a leading specialist in treating any foot condition, including diabetic symptoms. Schedule an appointment for treatment from our experienced podiatrist near Holbrook today and get the right treatment for you. Don’t let another day go by experiencing pain and discomfort; contact Dr. Muroff’s office and discuss what treatment options are optimal for your recovery.

By jeffreysmu8882327, Mar 26 2019 07:00AM

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia ligament becomes inflamed. This can be caused by micro-tears or past foot injuries which could create heel pain, foot pain, and stiffness. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and are looking for a foot surgeon in Ronkonkoma, Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff can give you the help you need today.

Common symptoms of plantar fasciitis

- Constant discomfort

- Waking up with pain

- Tight calf muscles

- Tightening tendons

- Unusual walking

- Shortening or uneven differences in your legs

Common causes of plantar fasciitis

- Standing for long periods of time

- Obesity

- Wearing uncomfortable or worn out footwear

- Pregnancy

- Having very low or high arches

Treatment for plantar fasciitis

Rest - to help heal your pain, resting the injured foot is extremely important. Giving the foot the break it needs can make the recovery time quicker.

Cold wrap - it is recommended to use a cold wrap or put ice on the injury. An ice wrap will reduce swelling, muscle pain, and inflammation.

Heat therapy - applying a heating pad or soaking the foot in warm water can also expedite the healing process. Heat therapy can help increase blood flow to the injured area.

If all else fails and you are looking for a foot surgeon in Ronkonkoma, Dr. Muroff will get you better. We will be able to determine the severity of the injury, and after getting diagnosed, you will be given some options such as other treatments or surgery. It is important to contact a certified specialist for this condition because plantar fasciitis could get worse and take a longer time to heal if not treated properly. Contact us today to get the help you need.

foot surgeon in Ronkonkoma
foot surgeon in Ronkonkoma

By jeffreysmu8882327, Mar 22 2019 07:11PM

An ankle sprain is an injury where your ligaments in that region stretch or even tear. These types of injuries typically occur when these ligaments are stretched past their normal range of motion. Ankle sprains can vary from being minor injuries to severe injuries depending on how bad the ligaments are damaged. If you are looking for a podiatrist near Bohemia and have recently have injured your ankle, Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff and his talented staff can help you today.

Ankle sprains can be difficult to heal and can have a lot of causes. Figuring out how you sprained your ankle is important so that you can avoid further injury in the future. Did it happen from a specific routine or activity? Did you sustain the injury from a one-time accident? These are questions that may be asked when trying to determine the cause.


Ankle sprains are more common than you may think and have a misconception that they only happen to athletes. Most ankle sprains occur because of the lack of conditioning and stretching. If you are engaging in rigorous activities, it is especially important to stretch to loosen up your ankles. Some studies show that by not stretching properly, you are three times more likely to sustain an ankle sprain.

Another common cause is improper foot support. Wearing bad shoes or the wrong types of shoes in certain situations can increase the odds of sustaining an ankle sprain. Walking on uneven or bumpy grounds can also increase the chances of an ankle injury.

It is important to properly stretch when doing activities like hiking or exercising on an uneven surface. There are certain types of stretches that can help you avoid and even treat ankle sprains. Here are a few stretches and activities that can help you recover from a nagging ankle injury:

- Calf stretches

- Heel stretches

- Using a compression wrap

- Icing an injured ankle after activities

- Wearing proper footwear

If you are looking to rehab your ankle and need a podiatrist near Bohemia, contact Dr. Jeffrey S. Muroff. We will help you properly identify your injury

podiatrist near Bohemia
podiatrist near Bohemia
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